HUB Turku is a project that was being worked on a few years ago by now. The idea has once again been uncovered as I’m now again regarding Turku as my base camp and would very much Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 03.48.49want to see a community around the concept of a community focused co-working space and HUB.

The focus would be on social entrepreneurship, teams, promoting entrepreneurship and collaboration across sectors of industry.

A small group of professionals has already met and we will during this spring (2016) take action so that a HUB will finally become reality in the centre of Turku.

During the past years co-working has exploded in popularity worldwide and there now even today in Turku exist co-working spaces in the fringes of the city one in Electro city in Kupittaa and one at Logomo across the railway to the west.

Background HubTurku – wordpress blog (external link)

Contact me if you are interested in taking part in the project.

Published by Peter Fagerström


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