Recommended books, April 2016

  Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want (Strategyzer) is a guide through which you can, with a bit of work, self evidently figure out you value proposition. A value proposition is a business or marketing statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statementContinue reading “Recommended books, April 2016”

Work IT Fun – IT in Education

When March changes to April, 31.03-03.04.2016, we are arranging 3 days (4 including travel Thursday to Sunday) of professional development education for the education sector. The location: Tallinn and Tartu in ESTONIA Target group: Finnish education professionals Theme: IT in Education – hands on expereince from Estonia More information at ECEC Educations website. Contact:  

dialogue and change

  Creating dialogue; with clients, their staff and other stakeholders is one of the key tools I use. I promote co-working as well as cross sectorial collaboration as core principles in what I do, and help solve social, economical, cultural, environmental and institutional challenges. Organisational change and stakeholder involvement depend on effective communication, the aim being ofContinue reading “dialogue and change”


We build HUBs and facilitate the creation of TEAMs. The HUB, a resource and meeting place for a diverse group of companies and people, a place for new encounters and through these encounters the creation of something new. Part of our competence lies in the processes we have created, to systematically bring people together and the tools that enable them to together createContinue reading “HUBS and TEAMS”

sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation facilitation

We work with you to design and build the world of tomorrow. We make dreams come true and find solutions to problems small and large. Using design tools and modern entrepreneurial models we nourish an environment of creativity, action and innovation in which we implement the processes we have developed to systematically together with you create new solutions.Continue reading “sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation facilitation”

We help and inspire!

Since I worked as a consultant I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I’ve always tried to inspire them and brought my expertise to the table when needed. My approach has mostly been that of a coach, facilitator or guide. Although I have also worked with presentations, keynotes and workshops, especially during my time in academia. FixedContinue reading “We help and inspire!”