About me

I am always looking for new opportunities and projects, projects that have a societal impact are my favourite ones. Most projects has that aspect though and finding that, as-well-as highlighting that, is my speciality.

Peter Fagerström

I have more than a decade of management experience from a wide variety of sectors. I’ve managed complex management systems, projects, people, budgets and organisations during my career.

During my years in academia as-well-as, as a consultant and manager, I arranged and took part in many projects and events in the Baltic Sea Region and around Europe. I’ve also lived and worked in Scotland (volunteering at a community initiative, bicycles) and Estonia (executive director at a school).

Sustainability and democracy as well as environmental and cultural management (environment, democracy, art and management) were core themes at these events and projects.​

I have worked both in K-15 and higher education with teaching, educational management and administration as-well-as e-learning/distance learning and content management.

I am an avid advocate of co-working, the flipped classroom and self learning.

An organizer at heart and in love the setting up process, ideation, inspiration and finding that win-win-win synergy that is always out there if you look for it.

I have a wide professional network especially strong in the Baltic Region/EU with whom I work regularly. My work languages are Swedish, Finnish and English.

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