co-working & spaces

The CO-Working Space (COWS), a foci.

A Co-working space has several roles in the city and region it is located in.

A co-working space without a community is just walls and physical resources, albeit nice to have, they are only the flesh and not the soul of any such space. The community the people who work and visit, interact in the “space” are those who really matter.

A holistic view of entrepreneurship and local development is needed to be able to come up with a sustainable solution, a working system.

By creating a focus point that works as a cross-pollination space for already existing resources, a HUB is able to bring together actors with already strong knowledge and experience in the different fields to create sustainable businesses and projects and through this a more sustainable region.

a hub  —  the effective center of an activity, region, or network
a space — mental and/or physical space
co-working space = hub = space

Focus points for impact

First it is a focus for the different entrepreneurial activities going on in the region. It is a common ground, a neutral space, where the different actors,ex. development centres, business societies etc., can come together and share ideas and co-create and innovate new solutions.

Second it is a community venture focusing on creating opportunities and synergies for small businesses and freelancers, people that already are entrepreneurs or those interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Third, it works as a multi sectoral start-up accelerator and/or incubatorwith a focus on regional development, business development, innovation and internationalisation.

The fourth focus is to create a contact surface between university (staff and students) and the business community. To promote popularisation of science and new research as well as enable businesses (especially SMEs) access to academia and young talent and provide a platform for academics to go into business.

Fifth, the space should double as an International Business Hub, a place where;

  • international companies and business people can come to get contacts in the region or abroad.
  • the (business) hub partners with many other like-minded organisations in the EU, U.S. and around the world.

As a;

  • focus for the international community and companies working in the region.
  • common point of access for new companies and businesspeople coming into the city.
  • instant connections, a network, to local businesses and opportunities.
  • local idea and “want to work on projects” database

Co-Working is about collaboration, about having an overview and being able to together understand much broader concepts, in detail, than what one person or even one (thematic) organisation can.

It is about team work, team entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial teams. It’s about taking risks, sharing risks and through learning minimising risks.

It is about giving, helping, laughing, communicating, socialising, partying and living, together in the same mental and physical space.

The Foci.

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